Unforgettable holidays in renting rooms «marisa»

The sea, the sun, time and people have created to the heart of Aegean a wonderful scenery for the vacation of your dreams. Paros, one of the most beautiful islands of the Cyclades, is waiting for you to enchant you with its idyllic beaches, its archaeological sites and its intense night life.

To the renting rooms “Marisa” to Parikia of Paros, we have created a friendly and familial atmosphere for ideal holidays that combines tranquillity, stillness and intense night life.

Plunge to the blue green waters of the enchanted beaches of Livadia or explore the other beaches of the island, which are there to satisfy all tastes and to capture your heart forever.

Walk along the beautiful Parikia, to the old city’s paved alleys with the intense colour of the Cyclades, admire the Venetian castle, visit the greatest monument of the island “Ekatontapylianh” and enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Greece in Agios Constantine.

Find out the night life of the town with its dozen of bars, cafes and clubs and have fun until the early morning hours. Taste the local cuisine in a small traditional restaurant; try the regional wine and the Ouzo of Paros by having some sea food appetizers. And don’t omit to enjoy the company of the local people to the great fest of   the 15 of August.
At the same time, having your base in Marisa’s renting rooms, you could visit all over Paros, explore the rest of its beauties and let yourself be enchanted.

The Renting Rooms “MARISA” are directed by Marisa Silitziri and her family. With taste, respect and devotion; they ensure daily to their customers a pleasant staying in a friendly comfortable environment. It’s the best choice for those that prefer to pass some quite and economical vacations to the beautiful Paros.

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